3 Cracking Theatre and Hotel Deals

3 Cracking Theatre and Hotel Deals

Discusses here 3 Cracking Theatre and Hotel Deals. London’s theater district is one of the best in the world and has something to offer everyone and anyone. The bright lights of the west end make you an evening essential – but why not make it the perfect night, catch a heartbreaking show, get lost in night music, then make that special evening why London’s some of the best hotels stay a long night.

There are plenty of deals you can get your hands on – and it really won’t break the bank either. If you really want to make this a special event, you can choose a range or 5-star hotel to add a luxurious touch to your evening. You can also choose from additional attractions such as other London attractions, train discounts and tours of some top restaurants. 3 Cracking Theatre and Hotel Deals

Check out some offers below and book yourself, as these offers almost never settle!

Billy Eliot

A feeling of a young boy’s dream — beautiful and fun music — in an exciting tale of triumph over adversity. This original story caught the public’s heart when the film was released in 2000. The epic and moving film, nominated for 3 Oscars and 13 BFTA awards, has broken the worldwide box office record and is now a hit West End musical in London. On the show you will be dancing all the way home and you really do not want this amazing night to end – so book you and a loved one at a hotel for the night. 3 Cracking Theatre and Hotel Deals

Stay at the Norfolk Hotel just outside of Hyde Park and soak up a bit of something luxurious for the evening. Because it is such a popular music you will be looking at around £100 – but you will not regret it by a specialist. But if you want something cheaper, try watching some matinée performances.


In this universal tale of sexuality, fame and … all jazz. The chorus narrates the abusive story of the girl Roxy Hart who murdered her boyfriend. The notorious and murderous Miss Velma Kelly and her city’s clever lawyer. Billy Flynn, compete with Billy Flynn’s efforts to save the girl from death row.

The movie based on this production won the Oscar for Catherine Zeta-Jones for the role of Velma Kelly and won the hearts and minds of audiences around the world, so this music will truly get you on the edge of your seat and bring you to a world of smoky jazz bars and smooth, heated music. Leave it

You can get hands on a few brilliant deals – for £80 each, and enjoy a glamorous night with a glamorous hotel like the Madison Blue Edwardian New Providence Wharf (Swanky). So, You get a full English breakfast in the morning! Not too bad


The show has traveled around the world and is now a household name. So,  An amazing a cappella music blended with raw and urban choreography is sure to make you hit the pavement with the song. But, Your bin lids. After the performance there are plenty of urban hotels. You can stay in which are all within a 15-minute walk or a short ride on the tube.

These packages are a bit expensive for the cost of a performance ticket (which itself tells you the shows are good). So, you’ll probably be out about $5, but it’s well worth the money.


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