3 Star Hotels in Rome

3 Star Hotels in Rome

We’re discussing here 3-Star Hotels in Rome. Known affectionately as the Eternal City, Rome is a mecca for travelers, not only for those who are fascinated by the Romans and their history and have a love for ancient architecture, but also tourists who are looking for an exciting city that offers great shopping, excellent food, and a wide range of cultural events and things to see. And there are many things to see in Rome, as the city offers an impressive selection of well-known attractions, such as the Coliseum, Roman Forum, St. Peter’s Cathedral, the Vatican, and the Trees Fountain to name but a few.

Like any holiday, in order to have an enjoyable stay, it is important to find accommodations that will suit at least a large part of your requirements. For most of us the top requirement will be price, or perhaps more specifically, value for money. Whereas 1 star and 2-star hotels in Rome are normally clean and cheap. They are pretty basic and often lack certain useful facilities. On the other end of the scale, the more luxurious 4 and 5-star hotels. Though normally fully equipped with today’s mod cons, are often pricey and even more so if they are located in the historical center. This leaves us with 3-star hotels, of which Rome has quite a large selection.

3-Star Hotels

Generally, Rome 3-star hotels will provide both the necessary comfort and facilities for the average traveler. Regardless of whether visiting the Italian capital on business or for leisure. The least you should expect for your 3 star rated hotel is a private bathroom. Are conditioning (a necessity during the hot and humid summer nights), cable or satellite TV and some kind of in-room internet access. It for free or at an extra charge. Also, some kind of breakfast should be included in the rates. Although Italians are not that big on breakfasts, and an Italian breakfast. Which normally consists of just a coffee and pastry, may be all that is available.

Many hotels of this grading will also have their own restaurant, sometimes with a terrace or even a roof terrace. However, you should not expect a pool or any wellness facilities at all, especially in the center of Rome. Where space is scare and the buildings can be considerably small. Also, regarding size, like any old city, rooms in hotels in the city center are generally quite small. Comparable to those hotel rooms located in the suburbs and so forth.

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